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Can Chiropractic help Sciatica?

What a great question, because we get it several times a week in our clinic. Patients who are usually asking the question have tried a multitude of other treatments before getting to us. They have tried Physical Therapy, pain injections, anti-inflammatories, pain killers, muscle relaxers, massage therapy and even surgery. All of the previous treatment have had various degrees of success for the patient. Some cover the pain up for minutes, hours or even days and others can create even more problems than what they have started as patients have told us.

Sciatica is a commom term used for the pinching of the Sciatic nerve that  starts in the low back  and travels down the leg all the way to the feet/toes.

Sign and Symptom of Sciatica are as follows…

*Besides pain, people can experience burning, tingling, and in some cases muscle weakness and numbness.

*Majority of Sciatica suffers only experience the pain down one leg, rarely both.

There are numerous ways to pinch the Sciatic nerve…

*The nerve being pinched coming out of the lumbar spine

*Bulging disc/herniated disc/disc degeneration all can create a pinching of the Sciatic nerve

*Muscles in the buttock/hip region can become tight and pinch the Sciatic nerve especially the piriformis muscle.

Now, to answer the question of “can chiropractic help Sciatica” the answer at Complete Chiropractic is a resounding YES for the majority of patients who present with those signs and symptoms. At Complete Chiropractic we have various techniques that include chiropractic adjustments, Spinal decompression (non-surgical of course) and various physiotherapies to alleviate Sciatic pain. For a FREE consultation to talk about your condition call us at (636) 287-2200. You don’t have to live with the pain!


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