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Smoking Cessation for Arnold

Are you ready to quit smoking? Perhaps you’ve tried everything and are finally ready to think outside of the box.

Just as with appetite suppression, AuriculoStaple works to reduce your cravings for nicotine. When applied for this purpose, the staples are inserted on the outside of each ear in a different position than they would be for appetite suppression, but the therapy works in exactly the same manner.

Arnold Auriculostaple Therapy

Ready to quit smoking?

We see roughly 80% of our AuriculoStaple patients remain free from nicotine use after completing therapy!

Make a Lasting Change

The treatment takes approximately 10 minutes. Key Acupuncture points in the ear are stimulated to create the base for stopping smoking then the tiny thin stainless steel staple is insert on the outside of the middle ear area of both ears. Having the staple inserted feels much like having your ears pierced. We love having patients tell us thank you over and over again for giving them their life back!

Call for more details on how you can quit smoking now. (636) 287-2200

Smoking Cessation for Arnold, Oakville