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Weight Loss for Arnold

Tired of bouncing up and down in your weight? Sick of losing pounds while you diet, only to gain them back as soon as you return to the foods you like? Are you exercising like a crazy person, but eating more calories and not losing weight?

Arnold Weight Loss

Auriculostaple Therapy for Weight loss

AuriculoStaple therapy might be your answer. AuriculoStaple is a powerful combination of auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture) and  a tiny thin stainless steel staple.  The auriculotherapy creates the foundation for weight loss by stimulating several key points on both ears that reduces the craving for carbs and sugars. The Staple properly placed on the outside of the ear, creates the longevity by stimulating two points on each ear 24/7.  It’s highly effective! Dr. Robertson has lost as much as 28 pounds in 26 days using this therapy.

This is an incredibly effective method for temporarily reducing your appetite significantly. We call it a “push off the couch” But how you use that tool is up to you. Many patients enjoy the temporary drop in weight they experience. And many patients take advantage of their reduced appetite and develop new eating habits during the therapy. These patients are able to experience long term results with change that keeps them losing weight until they have met their weight loss goals!

Make a Lasting Change

The appetitte suppressive effects of AuriculoStaple therapy tend to last anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months or longer depending on the patient. It’s the decisions you make during that time that can help you make better long-term choices.  We all know we have to eat better and move more.  AuriculoStaple gives us the opportunity to do just that all the while losing the weight.

Having the staple inserted feels much like having your ears pierced. Patients report that they might feel a “sting” and is generally gone by the time they leave our office.

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Weight Loss for Arnold, Oakville